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Oct 29

Writing Tips for Video Scripts!

Great video about how to writing for presentations. Writing for presentations is different from writing emails or reports. Scripting requires a special kind of wordsmithing so that the talent can read the presentation in a relaxed, natural voice. Most people don’t write how they speak, often business writers use more formal speech when writing. In

Oct 28

B2B and B2C Strategies

I recently read an article on Content Marketing Myths that included the following: Myth #4: B2C and B2B Content Marketing Strategies are The Same Content marketing isn’t the same for a consumer blog as it is for a business blog. Consumers prefer shorter content and content with more visuals, emotions, and trendy information. Businesses, on the

Oct 13

LinkedIn Content Marketing Score & Trending Content

Are you using LinkedIn’s new data and marketing tools? If you haven’t seen this, you should take a look. At LinkedIn we believe content equals marketing. We know there’s much more to the equation and that to be successful you need to be different. You have to be compelling and relevant. Right now there may have questions surrounding your content marketing efforts.

Oct 13

iStock? Nevermore! WP-Inject Instead.

There was a point where I was using for stock photography for most of my web design work. Not for things like featured images on blog posts, mind you, but for the primary photography on the site I wanted to make sure I got slick, professional looking images and illustrations. Since I specialize in working

Oct 7

5-Point Sales Technique

Right after I started as Marketing Manager for a regional automative retailer a few years back I was asked to give sales advice to a group of the managers. This actually didn’t go over all that well. Partly because sales and marketing are different things with a different focus, but also because they wanted to know

Oct 6

How do you define success?

In my twenties I suffered a horrendous accident. I was working at a doughnut shop part time to pick up some extra cash (my day job was managing a shoe store). and I had a 4-gallon fryer of 400° grease fall on me. I was burned over pretty substantial portions of my body. Initially the

Sep 18

The Value of Old School ToDo LIsts

I’ve tried dozens of todo list managers. Even the ones that link all my devices together and have the highest ease of use I end up abandoning. The reason is simple, they make me jump around too much. Back in the age of dinosaurs, pre-app, when we were writing everything down in cuneiform on clay

Sep 15

Content Marketing Book

I’m writing a book. It will be my second book. My first book, A QuickTimer’s Guide To Web Video was published several years ago and was about (strangely) web video and did quite well within its relatively narrow niche. This book currently lacks a full title and is simply referred to around these parts as

Sep 8

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

No. Most people don’t actually know what time it is… at least not in relation to how long it takes to do a specific job. That’s why time management is so often cited as a critical job skill — and why bad time management skills are so often listed as one of the top sources of stress on

Aug 18

Idiot Marketing

Idiot marketing. It’s all around us. I get three or four emails like this one every week… I found your website while looking deep into Google’s search results, and I thought of some things you can do to get more business. I’m an experienced internet marketing analyst that specializes Content Marketing and paid traffic optimization.

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