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Nov 11

Content Marketing Video

Nice video from Brian Newmark on Content Marketing In the online world content marketing brings in more traffic, increases sales and boosts your social presence but only when the content marketing is done right.  So what is the right way while creating content keep the following points in mind? Build it around your business., backed with

Dec 16

Instantly Get SEO Juice With 1 Simple Trick

Well… It’s not really a search engine optimization (SEO) trick, but it’s simple and relatively cheap. Among the 200 or so ranking factors that Google uses to determine how worthiness of your website is the length of your domain registration. Many companies only renew year by year, but most top-level domains (TLDs) like .com, .net and

Dec 16

Online Marketing Cogs

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is in thinking that online marketing is one thing or another. For example, SEO, or Social Media, or PPC. It’s not one thing, it’s the cumulative effect of all these things used together. Online Marketing is a machine, each of those constituents part is a cog; a

Dec 15

Native Marketing in 2015

If you’re not familiar with the term, Native Marketing, you’re almost certainly familiar with it in practice. Here’s one definition from Wikipedia: The fact that the Hallmark Hall of Fame series (and by extension the Hallmark Channel) is considered content marketing just floors me. But I digress… I recently read an article which talked about

Dec 10

OK. Let’s Face It… You’re Boring.

Let’s be honest, not every product or product category is exciting and awe-inspiring. A lot of the things we use every day, we take for granted. So if you’re not a rock star, or movie actress, how do you get people to pay attention. It’s all in the presentation.   If you can’t put your

Dec 8

You Have A Better Chance of Surviving A Plane Crash…

…Than having someone click on your banner ads. So why are you still spending money on banners? Banner ads, pop-ups, pop-ins, interstitials, YouTube pre-roll ads… These are new ways of presenting old advertising techniques. Sure they are comfortable, tried and true methods, but they also don’t work. Someone famously said, “We know half our advertising

Dec 6

Turning An Idea On It’s Head

This is something I think about a lot, and yes, I am by nature something of a contrarian. There’s been something of a kerfluffle among my social media contacts about a blog post written by the wife of a popular and well know artist regarding how industry conventions — specifically comics and game shows like

Nov 21
What's Normal?

So Who Wants To Be Normal?

There’s that famous quote, “I’ve never suffered from insanity… I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.” Who are these normals anyway. These muggles?. These mundanes? Who sets those standards? Makes those judgements? I believe the key to avoiding normalcy is to live without shame or fear of the ordinary. Shame is the fear of failure. The

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