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Nov 21
What's Normal?

So Who Wants To Be Normal?

There’s that famous quote, “I’ve never suffered from insanity… I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.” Who are these normals anyway. These muggles?. These mundanes? Who sets those standards? Makes those judgements? I believe the key to avoiding normalcy is to live without shame or fear of the ordinary. Shame is the fear of failure. The

Nov 13
Yext Certified Partner

Arctos Media Adds A Local Search and Listings Management Solution

Maintaining your listings across dozens of websites like Facebook, Google+, Yahoo Local can be challenging. Monitoring these sites for reviews, pushing our content like photos and videos, and even publicizing specials is time consuming, manual labor. Not anymore. Now you have a partner who can do it all for you so you can concentrate on

Nov 11

Content Marketing Video

Nice video from Brian Newmark on Content Marketing In the online world content marketing brings in more traffic, increases sales and boosts your social presence but only when the content marketing is done right.  So what is the right way while creating content keep the following points in mind? Build it around your business., backed with

Nov 7

Content Marketing Advice

It’s 2013. It’s a new year in digital, and content marketing is much more than just a buzz word. It’s the real deal. Now, if you feel that your current content marketing campaigns are kind of lacking a bit of punch, that they’re stagnating, or if you feel that they need sprucing up and your

Oct 29

Writing Tips for Video Scripts!

Great video about how to writing for presentations. Writing for presentations is different from writing emails or reports. Scripting requires a special kind of wordsmithing so that the talent can read the presentation in a relaxed, natural voice. Most people don’t write how they speak, often business writers use more formal speech when writing. In

Oct 28

B2B and B2C Strategies

I recently read an article on Content Marketing Myths that included the following: Myth #4: B2C and B2B Content Marketing Strategies are The Same Content marketing isn’t the same for a consumer blog as it is for a business blog. Consumers prefer shorter content and content with more visuals, emotions, and trendy information. Businesses, on the

Oct 13

LinkedIn Content Marketing Score & Trending Content

Are you using LinkedIn’s new data and marketing tools? If you haven’t seen this, you should take a look. At LinkedIn we believe content equals marketing. We know there’s much more to the equation and that to be successful you need to be different. You have to be compelling and relevant. Right now there may have questions surrounding your content marketing efforts.

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